Polar Vortex

by Buddy & Bike

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released October 31, 2014

Special thanks to Richard Arvidson



all rights reserved


Buddy & Bike East Lansing, Michigan

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Track Name: Muscle Confusion
there it goes
through the hole in my head
i mean what you said
i'm thawing out again
and you're turning red
and i'm turning red

cause you know i can feel them right now
gonna figure it out somehow
i can't figure shit out

to the sixth floor
yeah you know why
i can't take it anymore

i'm rolling over on the floor
i've gotta get sober soon
and i'm sipping on
a fifth for passion
i won't last
Track Name: Blood Slushie
high in an icebox
can i say something to you
wash me down with your cola
and i'm dying on the sofa

the misery in the motions

i keep on missing the ashtray

dirt slushie on my street
frozen blood in my feet
i walked over
just like i told you

don't think you're stuck with me
you better not fuck with me
Track Name: Sway
i'm getting sick again
watching the wind
throwing the water over itself
always bringing those ships back in
and then i wake up
recalling what you said
about conjuring up the dead

please don't make me wait around
wait around any longer
i can feel the weight of the ground
the dirt heavy on my shoulders
please don't make me wait around
wait around on this cold earth
it's just an easy wade through the water
down to the harbor
things just get harder

maybe i just have nothing else
to be thinking about
at least besides myself
slowly losing the means to think
watch as the emerald isle sinks before your eyes

i'm getting sick again
i'll bury all my friends
there's a graveyard stuck in my head
that's where they went
stupid boy, scrap the sentiment
it's in your head
Track Name: Weight
the weight of your hands
as i'm washing away
well i don't feel a change
and you can't feel a thing
maybe it's good you're indifferent
maybe i don't know how to drink

something holy about dingy basements
something holy about empty half gallons